Corporate philosophy


Providing valuable products with satisfactory and trust of all customers

Corporate Vision

-Management policies-

1. We will satisfy expectations of market needs and customer needs with stable supply of safety products.

2. We observe all legal rules and duties of quality, safety and health, environment etc. And, we do our best to perform
    social responsibilities.

3. We will contribute to mutual benefits of partners and our company, prospering together through mutual trust and good relationship.

4. We will practice “elimination or reduction of loss and uselessness” through TPS activities. And, we will endeavor to
    maintain and improve our goal of high productivity, quality, safety, and benefit.

5. We promote educational training of safety, sanitation, and environmental conservation for our manpower training.


-Quality policies-

1. We offer Eco-friendly and safety products which meet customer needs.

2. We will make efforts to maintain and improve the quality of products through all of the processes of development,
    manufacturing, and sale. And we will also endeavor to reduce the costs.

3. We will continue to maintain equipment as to prevent low quality products, standardize production processes, and
    adhere to the procedure rules.


-Environmental policies-

1. We will observe environment related laws and perform social duties for maintaining and improving the environment as a
    corporate citizen with industry standards, and mutual agreements. We will consider the community and global
    environment completely through all processes from developing to scrapping. And we will contribute to the realization of
    a recycle-oriented economic society by promoting aggressive business activities responsibly.

2. We will promote saving resources, saving energy, and reducing wastes positively. And we will continue to make efforts
    to prevent environmental pollution and to reduce loads on the environment by utilizing our Environmental Management
    System adequately and effectively.

3. We will disseminate our “environmental policy” to all employees, and intend to increase mindfulness of the
    environment through environmental education.

4. We will make efforts to maintain the communication between persons concerned around our business, and promote to
    reinforce it.


-Safety and health policy-

1. We will observe legislation related to safety and health, keep employees safe and healthy, and reduce risk b ensuring
    their hygiene. And we will make our office invigorating.

2. We will aim to reduce industrial injuries to zero through promoting activities of prevention of accidents that would come
    from equipment, man, or disasters. And we will make efforts to improve the standard of safety and health, improving
    and maintaining the working environment continually by applying our safety and health management system.

3. We will practice our oath for safety, make efforts to improve consciousness of safety and health through safety
    education and practice.

4. We will endeavor to maintain and promote of communication between related persons around our business.
    We will reconsider this safety and health policy again, and we will release it in response to requests from the outside.


Since our establishment in 1953 (Showa Era 28), Daiichi Sekken Co.,Ltd. has had its mission to supply high quality and safety products stably for matching market trends as well as customers needs during past different periods with love, and our motto ‘Providing valuable products with satisfactory and trust of all customers. We will continue to offer you a better living environment, developing new products and proposing new ideas for the market and customer here after.